Cross-border EC site development service targeting the U.S. market

A Guide to the U.S. Market

The United States is the world’s largest consumer market, and many companies are looking to expand into this huge market. However, they also face a variety of challenges, such as language and cultural differences and dealing with regulations. That is why we offer cross-border e-commerce site development services specifically for the U.S. market. In this article, we introduce the features of our service and our solutions to your challenges.

Main solutions: Shopify, WooCommerce, Welcart

We specialize in key platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and Welcart. These are feature-rich and scalable to meet a variety of needs. We will recommend the best platform for your business model.

Thoroughly localized for the US market


Language and cultural differences are major barriers. We have a staff that is well versed in the US market and thoroughly committed to localization. We can customize every detail of your site, including language, payment methods, shipping options, and more.

Comprehensive support system


Building an e-commerce site involves not only production, but also marketing, operations, customer support, and many other aspects. We provide consistent support from production to operation and back up your business in the U.S. in a comprehensive manner.

Optimal pricing for small and medium-sized businesses


Our services are priced optimized for small and medium-sized businesses. There are no high initial costs, and we use a clear monthly fee structure. Because we package everything from site construction to operation, you receive high quality service at a low cost.

A wealth of experience and high quality


We have built cross-border e-commerce sites for numerous companies and have a high level of responsiveness to the US market. We are also particular about the quality of our production, and we perform excellent coding under a strict quality control system. You can use our service with confidence.

If you want to make a full-scale entry into the US market, please contact us. We will propose the best solution to help your business succeed in the US.